Monday, January 10, 2011

my crimson indigo sky.

stepping through the dark chocolate stillness
i walk into this peaceful, secret place
to behold
my indigo sky.

piece by piece by piece by piece
the night falls
i catch it on my tongue
like snowflakes outside of the library when i was young.

it tastes of dreams and first-star-i-see-tonight wishes.
children make so many wishes and dreams.
we should make so many wishes and dreams.

see now
there's the moon
fading back
as the sun steps into her light.

a steady stream of hope peaks knowingly from its depths
patience holds me in my step
i sink into the air.

my mind climbs invisible trees
to grow closer.
i earn the first glance and the promise of day.
i witness
my crimson sky.

by Laura Catherine Cecily
September 2010

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