Thursday, December 9, 2010

my pace of life//

is fast. and furious. please keep up! or stay behind /and out of my blind spot. i will let you ride until you know the way/ then it's up to you. next to you i'll stay /if you wish. if you don't -keep up- then we will not sing in harmony. if you can't keep up! let's try walking for awhile. smile. smile. let's try walking for awhile. // my pace of life is lightening-like. a rod of bright. inflicting fear, full of might. uncontainable yet dependent on a force: thunder. be my thunder? step forward if you're brave. i believe in you. THUNDER! clap loudly once. you keep up. you precede the shock of my bolt. roar again /i am ready too. for you. me. you. me. we* we continue to sing. singing, we sing - our pace quickening. we together; you and me. our essences together sing! clap+flash, roar+zing. our pace deafening--our pace of life threatening--our pace of life is mind-blowing./